ABOUT US | 關於我們

"Tea from every countries symbolises its history and culture. Tea Project HK gathers tea producers from around the world in one platform. In our world of tea, it is like a treasure map. We help people to find a tea that belongs to them and represent themselves."

Chris LEUNG | United Kingdom

“Personally I don’t drink coffee so naturally tea has become my everyday drink. I am known to be picky but also have the eyes for only quality thing. This is why every tea we have chosen has to pass my golden tongue for approval."

Natani LAAS | South Africa

“I grew up drinking Rooibos tea every day in South Africa; because of this, I grew very picky about the tea's quality and origin. It was tough to locate high-quality Rooibos tea in Hong Kong. We chose to introduce Ouhuis to Hong Kong because of this. To share the taste that tastes like home!”

Vincent YU | Hong Kong

“Tea is not just a drink. It is a key that links with occasions,  sentiments and relationship over time. You would drink tea after a family dinner as a sign of unity. We would discuss dreams and passion on a sofa with a warm cup of tea in hand. It’s the human connection that brings us closer together and make us feel complete both physically and spiritually.”

Selecting the best tea from around the world, Tea Project HK stands firm in values to promote wellness & mindfulness. But it’s foremost to stay happy and feel alive in the peace of mindfulness.